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About Zaihong Shen

Prior to founding Feng Shui New York, Zaihong Shen traveled extensively to remote areas of China, including Tibet, Urumqi, and the Dragon Mountain. Being an architect educated at two of China's top universities she was already thoroughly familiar with the practical aspects of Feng Shui, which forms the historical basis of all Chinese architecture. In the mountains and deserts she studied in greater detail the history, architectures, languages and philosophy of ancient Chinese subcultures, including Daoism, Buddhism, and I Ching from which the principles and calculations of Feng Shui are primarily derived. Her thorough study and understanding of I Ching, combined with her extensive formal education, provided the necessary training for her to become a Feng Shui master with the deepest respect for its pure essence - the uninhibited flow of natural energy, or chi. Ms. Shen holds a B.S. degree in architecture from the University of Harbin Architecture and Civil Engineering, People's Republic of China (PRC), and went for the graduate program in interior architecture at the Central Academy of Arts & Design. In the US, she later earned a master's degree in international business from New Jersey Institute of Technology, and a masters of management degree in hotel, restaurant and tourism from Purdue University. Among her many accolades, Ms. Shen's classical Chinese art has been featured at Yale University and at other galleries. She has also been recognized for her accomplishments in the New York Times, and on television and radio. The author currently resides in China Town, New York City, where she presides over the Feng Shui Gallery which focuses on the cultural exchange between East and West and provides traditional Feng Shui consultation services to residential and commercial clients. Today, with her knowledge and guidance, she helps groups and individuals from all walks of life, from business people, students and retirees, bring balance to their living spaces in context with daily life, bringing out the individual best in each of us.

About Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of life space design. It has been developed over thousands of years incorporating Taoist philosophy and hard earned practical experience. It is the art and science behind the material world of Asia, woven into the basic fabric of almost all residential and commercial architecture. The purpose behind Feng Shui is to balance the energy, or chi, in the places where we live and work ("lifespace"). Proper placement of large (and sometimes small) objects such as furniture and decor can have a tremendous impact on our subconscious on a daily basis. Although we may not be sensitive to our own energy states, other people can usually pick up on them right away, influencing our lives, attitude, relationships and success. Feng Shui takes into account individualities, analyzing first the person, then the place in which the person lives and/or works. Finally, all of these elements are considered and brought into harmony or balance by a skilled Feng Shui practitioner. Recently, Feng Shui has been becoming more and more popular the West. The well know real estate giant Donald Trump paved the way for Feng Shui in New York City with his celebrated Trump International Building in Columbus Circle. Feng Shui consultants were brought in very early in the construction of this building to help ensure its success. Since the inception of this building, scores of architects, contractors and real estate investors have realized the potential for Feng Shui and insisted upon its incorporation into their own projects throughout the city.

FSNY Mission

1. To encourage, develop and provide the highest degree of standards for the practice of Feng Shui design in commercial and non-commercial settings. This includes stressing the traditional, scientific aspects of the art while discouraging Western mis-notions and pop-culturization of it.

2. To maintain, uphold, and perpetuate a high degree of attention to authenticity in classical Chinese arts and cultures.

3. To serve as a focal point for the instruction, exhibition of, and collaboration of different arts and cultures.


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e-mail: zaihongshen@gmail.com
Feb. 2015: due to frequent travel for research on Zaihong's next book, email may currently be the best method of contact. Thank you!


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