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Su Xiao Mei and her two brothers were famous members of one of the Song dynasty's most scholarly families. Legend has it that Su Xiao Mei wanted to thwart the influence of the emperor who was pushing to have her marry one of his cousins. She reportedly wrote an ancient-looking manual referencing the I Ching, Yin & Yang, and other fortune telling traditions. Among other predictions in this manual was the destiny for the cousin of this emperor, including who his bride should be. She put it in an antique jade box and bribed a member of the palace to bury it superficially in the garden. When the emperor found it on one of his walks there, he immediately believed he had found a book from 'heaven'. When he read of his cousin's fate, he lay off putting pressure on Su Xiao Mei and her problems were resolved. The book is now known under the title "The Jade Box".

(from Women in Chinese History)

Su Xiao Mei

Talented Woman 2 - Su Xiao Mei ...


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